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Navajo painting – a breakthrough painting.

I had been feeling the urge lately to paint a figure that cares deeply about the planet and its
inhabitants. I’ve always felt that I myself belong to a group of people who want to live
harmoniously and sustain more traditional ways of living and communicating. I’ve started this
series with a Navajo Indian character but I soon want to paint figures from many cultures, all of
those that have lived seamlessly with the earth, including my own ancestors, the ancient Irish.
Extraordinarily resourceful without ever being greedy, incredibly kind and respectful yet
possessing the ability to defend themselves when required. This describes humanity when we
look at our collective history.

I guess I felt this urge for a long time as I take the time to tune in, and thank God that I can take
that time. I tune in to what’s happening in our world in every possible sense. Some of the
current actions being taken hurt me very deeply. I can also see them hurting like-minded
people and the animal kingdom in ways that they, and I are still struggling to comprehend.


This confusion arises because it seems like utter madness that the people who give in to greed
cannot see that if they keep extracting resources without replacing them, there will be nothing
left to extract.

It’s throughly unfair that the ones who’ve never caused any harm are the ones left to try and
instigate healing. Nonetheless, we are where we are now and we must try to save our wounded
world, for the ones hell bent on destroying it will not stop.

In this painting I’ve tried to capture the essence of a robust man or woman with a very sensitive
soul, who’s not afraid to feel vulnerable. Feeling that fear and doing things anyway. Who looks
at their partner and the world and has the instinctive desire to help heal it. Drawing on every
shred of patience and resilience deep down in their core.

I actually painted this image on an old piece of fabric that might have been thrown away
unconscionably. I shall continue to create art upon that which seems disposable, to ensure that
once or many times-used objects get to embark on a new life. We must all be conscious of what
we buy going forward and what really matters. It truly seems folks that we have reached that
junction. We have no choice but to reuse if we want the planet to have any chance to return to
its natural balance, unfettered by our exorbitant impact. There has never been a time when it
was more appropriate to say…. The time is now !


May there be peace and love, in your hearts, minds, neighbourhoods and environments going
forward. By the way, Art is always a good idea as it lasts forever and reminds us on a daily basis
to connect with our soul and the souls of others. As we are inextricably linked, we must never
forget that.

Brunella Sherry.

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