I am an Irish artist based in the northwest of Ireland. What feels like a hundred years ago now, I attended university in Belfast. My intention was to study fine art, I was advised to study graphic design as that might guarantee an income. Alas, I was allergic to technology and still am, it’s just not for me. I then packed a bag and headed for London. To pay the bills I became a stylist. It was hands on, interacting every day with actual humans and I worked for a company who had strong links with the fashion world. At times it was exciting and kept me close to the creative realm in a way. Although I didn’t paint much during this time, my creative mind and eye never stopped working

I like to paint a variety of subjects, however I am strongly drawn to portraits and figurative painting. I think this must be because I spent so much time studying facial features and the characters behind them. I wish to depict the spirit of a person, as to me that’s all that really matters. I feel for people everywhere in this day and age, especially the young, where there is so much emphasis on the exterior. Never used to be the case. I tend to turn off anything toxic these days, and go for a walk in nature. It’s the best beauty treatment there is. Mind, body, soul, working together. 
During the pandemic I also started writing again, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I find that sometimes when I write poetry it gives me ideas for paintings and vice a versa.
I hope you enjoy your visit to my new site, designed by the brilliant and very professional Mr John Kelly. I couldn’t have brought this all together without his enthusiasm for the project, patience I might add and expertise, so a huge thank you John. 
Art in all its forms speaks to people’s souls and feeds a hopeful spirit in humans everywhere. Art keeps us human. Thank God for art!  

Peace and love to you all Xx

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