Lady on Belfast Bus, rain sodden hair

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Oil on Canvas 2017

I was sat on a bus one day in the centre of Belfast and a lady got on and sat adjacent to me, she sat down with a sudden thud that made me notice her. As the summer rain gushed down the windows she looked deep in thought. Her heavy hair was made even heavier from down pour she just tried to escape. Her woollen outfit was saturated too, and she was momentarily relieved to plonk her groceries by her feet. I noticed through the transparent shopping bags she had a mixture of fresh vegetables and ready meals. I thought to myself the mood she appeared to be in it will probably be a ready meal tonight. It’s certainly what I would have chosen myself that day, or a bag of chips on the way home. At the time I was single, I wondered if that lady was single also and if she found herself going home to an empty apartment like me that she wished wasn’t empty. At the time I longed for a kind man to help me in with groceries and cook a meal together. I hoped that it wouldn’t be long before I found love again now that I had developed some self love. Of course one never knows what a strangers life entails but if this lady on the bus was lonely I tried to manifest joy into our lives. Human beings need warmth and compassion, and a pretty table laid for two, in a small apartment in Belfast. That would happen in future, I was sure of it! I held onto to that thought as I got off at my stop.

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